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Through history this small seafaring community has punched above its weight. Known as the lost city of England,
Dunwich at its mightiest in the 14th Century, matched London for size, being an important international port. It has also been at the centre of a notorious smuggling racket in the 1700’s and in WW 2 became the covert practise ground for battle strategies and secret weapons.

If uncovering local history is your thing, it is an area rich with epic tales and many storytellers keen to share.

If the stuff of legend doesn’t float your boat, just come to look, breath deeply and enjoy the view.

Jill Anne's Story


August 2014

The Ship at Dunwich, is now home to the Suffolk’s historic fishing boat the Jill Anne.

The Jill Anne has fished off Dunwich beach for the last 40 or so years by a local fisherman known only as 'Pinger'. It is one of the most iconic scenes in Suffolk sitting on the beach waiting for the right conditions to go out and catch fresh fish for locals and visitors alike. The Jill Anne undoubtedly holds a significant historical value and has been greeting tourists and visitors to Dunwich beach for many years. It has been one of the most visited and photographed boats on the Suffolk coast. Sadly the boat was sold last year and disappeared on the back of a lorry leaving those coming back to Dunwich year after year a little saddened and disappointed.

Thankfully General Manager of The Ship at Dunwich, Matt Goodwin, discovered her just down the road in a local boat builder’s yard and a plan to return her to her rightful home of Dunwich was hatched. Along with local boat builder, Justin Ladd, Matt was leading the project to have the Jill Anne restored and returned to Dunwich. Finally in July the Jill Anne was refurbished and installed as a permanent fixture for everyone to enjoy in The Ship’s lovely beer garden which appropriately overlooks the sea where she fished for so many years and supplied the pub with cod, soles and lots of herring.

Matt has said: “I was so pleased to be able to bring the Jill Anne back to Dunwich, it was such a great shame to find out she had been sold but fortunately we were able to track her down and return her to Dunwich even if she is no longer on the beach itself. The Jill Anne is already proving popular with our customers using the garden and the children absolutely love playing in and around her leaving parents free to enjoy a quiet pint. We will be putting a couple of tables in the boat so people can enjoy our famous fish and chips sitting in the very boat that used to catch fish for the pub for so many years.”

The Ship is situated only few steps away from the Dunwich beach and is a truly fitting retirement for the well worked local vessel.

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